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  WHO AM I?  I love that question because it has been quite an evolution and journey to get to where I am today.  I am an international public speaker, teacher, and educational consultant presenting workshops across Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.  I have done many keynote sessions across Canada and Australia as well as the Super Conference in Vancouver,  The Special Education Conference in Vancouver, the ATA conference in Edmonton as well as many district days and PD Days for specific schools.  I am also involved in mentoring first and second year teachers in Northern Alberta for a First Nations Board which I absolutely love.  


   I graduated from the University of Calgary, Canada with a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Physical Education and have completed my Masters of Learning Innovation from Queensland University of Technology.  I have worked with youth at risk for over 15 years and have implemented early intervention and adolescent programs to assist students in transitioning into mainstream schooling.


  I totally believe educators being proactive and positive when working with students is paramount in creating an atmosphere that encourages engagement and excitement for learning. Examining educator’s reactions and ability to handle stressful situations in relation to challenging children can be powerful in creating a more positive environment.  


   My  “Save Your Sanity” workshops concentrate on presenting those skills and strategies to increase resiliency in students as well as providing specific strategies for educators to decrease their stress levels and reactions to challenging situations.  I am committed to providing workshops that are engaging, informative and motivating to all participants. 


Katrina Simons

Partner and Business Guru

Katrina has been a partner with CRD Consulting since the beginning in 2003.  She is an absolutely amazing marketing and financial director.  If you have any questions on bookings, seminars, keynote presentations, or financial inquiries don't hesitate to contact her.  

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